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Graduate assistants

We have an opening for an MS or PhD student! I'm looking for someone to lead projects investigating the landscape, community, and chemical ecology of dung beetles and the ecosystem services they provide. Part of the project will focus on how secondary compounds originating in pasture plants and endophytic fungi influence decomposer communities. Other parts are flexible and can depend on your creativity and our mutual research interests. Check out our ongoing research and recent publications to see if your interests would be a good fit.

This position is funded by a cooperative agreement with USDA ARS and my startup.  The graduate assistant position begins Fall 2024 with opportunities to join the lab this summer as a technician.

To apply, please email me with the subject line "Prospective student" and include:

  • A short summary of your interests and career goals

  • Your CV

  • A writing sample, if possible

  • Names and email addresses for 2-3 references

Join us! We're fun! Haan / Gonthier lab party!


Postdoctoral positions

No funded positions currently available, but I am open to candidates who bring their own funding. If you have an idea you think would fit within our lab's scope I'm happy to help strategize as you prepare a proposal.

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